Recovery of IEPF Shares and Dividend:

Do you wish to recover your shares Shares and Dividend transferred to IEPF?

The process for your shares and dividends that were transferred to the Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) authority can be done on your behalf. We understand the importance of these assets to you and facilitating their recovery promptly. As per the regulations of the IEPF authority, the recovery process involves several steps to ensure the rightful return of your shares and dividends.

We can initiate each stage of this process to ensure a smooth and efficient recovery of shares and dividends. Here is an outline of the steps involved:

1. Verification of Eligibility: firstly, verification of your eligibility for the recovery of shares and dividends as per the guidelines set by authority. This may involve providing relevant documents and information to confirm your ownership.

2. Submission of Request: Once your eligibility is confirmed, you will be assisted in preparing and submitting the necessary request forms to the authority for the recovery of your shares and dividends.

3. Processing by Authority: After completion of in-depth process, the authority will process the application and initiate further action for the transfer of shares and dividends in step by step manner and you will get update information in due course.

4. Completion of Recovery: Once the recovery process is completed by the authority, we will notify you and arrange for the transfer of your shares and dividends to your designated account.

5. Follow-up and Support: Throughout the recovery process, we will provide regular updates and assistance to address any queries or concerns you may have. Our team will be readily available to offer guidance and support.

Please note that the timeline for the recovery process may vary depending on various factors, including the responsiveness of the authority and the completeness of the documentation provided.  

We appreciate your patience and cooperation throughout this process and our dedicated efforts to expedite the recovery of your shares and dividends.

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